Henry Saiz – Group Therapy Radio (2013.06.25)

2013 July 01

Categories: Electronica | House | Melodic House | Podcasts

Tags: Group Therapy Radio Henry Saiz

By: Premium Live Sets


1. Olive “You’re Not Alone” [Henry Saiz´s Sydney Jetlag Remix] (CDR)
2. Pete Oak “Baby Baby” (Sleazy Deep)
3. Jess Mills “Pixelated People” [Hal Incandenza Remix] (CDR)
4. Stuffa “Levitate” (Trunkfunk)
5. Daft Punk “Horizon” [Henry Saiz´s Just Wanted You To Stay Remix] (CDR)
6. Henry Saiz vs T.A.T.U. “All The Evil Things She Said” (CDR)

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